Guide for Public Comments

The City of Veneta encourages its citizens to actively participate in public meetings by giving public comments. Please see the file attachment How to Participate - Veneta Planning Commission (PDF), for detailed instructions on providing effective testimony to the Planning Commission. 

All Veneta public meetings, except Work Sessions and Executive Sessions, have a set time on the agenda for public comment. However, there are more ways to comment than attending meetings. When a comment is given, public bodies will not engage in any discussion or make any decisions based on public comment at that time. Please note, those bodies may take comments under advisement for discussion and action at future meetings. Here are instructions for giving comments in a variety of ways:


In-person comment happens at beginning of a meeting. Each commenter has 2 to 3 minutes to give their comment. Comments may be on any topic except for those that are on that meeting's agenda as a public hearing or specific comment time.

Written Comments

There are three ways you can send written comments.

  • By mail: P.O. Box 458, Veneta OR
  • Fax: 541-935-1838
  • Email the City Recorder
    • Please note: Emailed comments are to be read into the record without having to attend a meeting. Planning Commission comments should be sent at least a week in advance of the meeting in order for Commissioners to be able to take them into consideration. All other written comments must be received no later than noon on the day of the meeting.

Phone Comments

The City of Veneta allows the public to provide comments over the phone. Call 1- 862-799-9663 to join a meeting. When the time for public comment comes, you will be unmuted and asked if you would like to provide a comment. After you give your name and address, you may begin providing comments over the phone. City staff will assist in keeping time for you.