Dog Waste and Waterways

Storclipart3107791mwater can pick up pet waste that pet owners leave on the ground and deposit it directly via a storm sewer system into nearby streams, lakes and rivers. Pet waste in waterbodies can make people and animals sick, promote weed and algae growth, and damage the health of the ecosystem in and around the water. 
Pet waste is a leading source of nutrient and bacteria pollution in urban streams and waterways. With pet owners living in virtually all communities, pet waste management is a challenge, please pick up your pet waste and dispose of it in your trash receptacle. 

Pet Waste

  • Always pick up after your pet.
  • Avoid walking your pet near streams and other waterways. Instead, walk them in grassy areas, parks or undeveloped areas.
  • Inform other pet owners of why picking up pet waste is important and encourage them to do so.