Lost & Found Pets

If you lose or find a dog within City limits you should contact the City of Veneta. The City's goal is to return lost dogs to their owners as quickly as possible. The City will take a lost and found report, check for licenses/tags, and hold the dog at the day-hold kennels until 3:30 PM. If the dog is properly licensed, the city will contact the owner on file. Owners are required to pay an impound fee of $50 and a licensing fee (if not already licensed) prior to the dog's release and may be subject to a citation(s).

The City does not hold dogs overnight. All dogs not claimed by 3:30 PM are transferred to First Avenue Shelter operated by Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene. First Avenue Shelter will continue to reach out to owners by phone and through their website. Once transferred, owners will need to work with First Avenue Shelter to retrieve their dog and will be required to pay a $50 impound fee, a licensing fee, and any additional boarding fees prior to their dog being released.

Lost & Found Cats

If you lose or find a cat within city limits, please contact the City of Veneta. The City no longer impounds stray or owned cats, however, we will take your information in case the owner of the missing cat contacts the City.