Backyard Chickens

A permit is required to keep chickens in the City of Veneta on lots less than one acre in size in the Single Family Residential, General Residential, and Residential - Commercial Zoning Districts.

Please contact the Planning Department about Backyard Chicken Permit regulations. Permits are $25 and are required to be renewed after three years. Generally, keeping chickens shall be in accordance with the following:

  • No more than one chicken for each one thousand five hundred (1,500) square feet of lot area, up to a maximum of ten chickens in the Single Family Residential zone, General Family Residential zone, and Residential Commercial zone.
  • No chickens are allowed on properties occupied by multi-family housing, including duplexes.
  • Roosters are prohibited.
  • Chickens shall be secure in a coop or chicken run or in a securely fenced backyard at all times including during non-daylight hours and during daylight hours.
  • A building permit is required for a chicken coop more than 200 square feet in size.
  • Additional regulations apply to chicken coops and runs.
Two chickens in a backyard

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