Fern Ridge Neighborhood Watch

Since 2014, the City of Veneta has been supporting the formation of Neighborhood Watch groups throughout the community. Currently, 20 local groups are active in their neighborhoods, in addition to a patrol group of 8, with several more in the early stages of forming. 

The Fern Ridge area Neighborhood Watch organization is taking an active role in assisting and overseeing neighborhood groups. To get more information about how you may volunteer or form a local group please contact either City Hall for more information, visit the Fern Ridge Neighborhood Watch website or email the Fern Ridge Neighborhood Watch

What is Neighborhood Watch?

The benefits of organizing and participating in the Neighborhood Watch (NW) program translates into a higher quality of life. The program establishes a team concept of working together and looking out for one another. NW groups forge partnerships with Lane County Sheriff’s Office, Lane Fire Authority and the City of Veneta to create strong neighborhoods better to resist criminal activity.

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