The Great ShakeOut

There are over 1,000 earthquakes over magnitude 1.0 in Washington and Oregon every year, with at least two dozen being large enough to be felt. Approximately 17 people have lost their lives due to earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest. Since 1872, there have been 20 damaging earthquakes in Washington and Oregon. The Pacific coast poses special risk from tsunamis associated with a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and crustal earthquakes. 2019 ShakeOut Poster

To react quickly people must practice often. We may only have seconds to protect ourselves in an earthquake, before strong shaking knocks us down or something drops on top of us. Practicing helps you be ready to respond. The Great ShakeOut is an annual, international earthquake drill which gives individuals, families, and organizations such as schools and local governments the chance to prepare, practice, and think about what they would do if an earthquake happened.

Since 2016, City Council has identified emergency preparedness and hazard mitigation as a top priority. With nearly 700,000 people across Oregon, including nearly 60,000 in Lane County, registered to participate in the 2019 Great Oregon ShakeOut, these drills are a for everyone to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On.”

The 2021 Great ShakeOut is scheduled for Thursday, October 21st at 10:21 AM.

View the details regarding this event and ways to prepare yourself in the event of an actual earthquake.

Shake Alert

Visit the Shake Alert page for more information on this program.