City Liens

The City of Veneta provides many services to properties within the City's limits. While some services do not have a direct fee, others do. The direct fee services can include but are not limited to, water, sewer, stormwater, assessments for benefiting properties, abatements, code violations, and connection to one of the City's systems. When direct fees apply, the City prepares and mails a billing. Typically the bills are due within 30 days.

When these bills are not paid they are considered liens and entered into the City's lien docket records. A lien is an interest in real property. The Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 93.643 requires that constructive notice of liens be made by recording the liens with the Lane County Clerk's office or by providing access by an online electronic medium. Effective February 2016 the City of Veneta will provide access through a contract with Net Assets Corp. View the Lien Searches section for instructions on how the City's lien docket is accessed. The online system is called Conduits and it is a fee-based service that most subscribers such as title companies, escrow agents, financial institutions, and real estate professionals utilize in performing searches as part of real estate transactions.

Lien Searches

You can register either by emailing Net Assets or calling 541-485-8876. The registration authorization process is handled electronically the first time you place an inquiry/search on property within Veneta city limits. Once your registration is authorized you will receive an email to the address provided on your registration.

The current lien search fee is $30 for each property search performed. Net Assets, on behalf of the City, will prepare and send invoices monthly for any searches done. Every effort is made to keep the lien docket up-to-date; however, title companies (and other searchers) are encouraged to verify final pay-off amounts by contacting the City Recorder directly at 541-935-2191. This is especially true for liens that include an interest component.

If you need one-time, or infrequent searches, it is recommended that you contact a title company to perform the search for you.