The mission of our team is to provide accurate, useful, and timely information to support the operations of the City, its customers, and its staff.


Our vision is to deliver information and customer service in a clear, concise, and professional manner with integrity and an open mind.


The Finance and Administrative Services Department includes the functions of payroll, all finance-related activity, financial reporting, audit preparation, budget document compilation, utility billing, human resources, benefits administration, records management, information technology, communications, public relations, customer support, and administrative support for the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator, Planning Commission, Urban Renewal Agency, Budget Committee, and Park Board.

Budget Documents

The State of Oregon, through its local budget law, requires that each local government prepare and adopt an annual or biennial budget. The budget law is a group of statutes that sets standard procedures, encourages citizen involvement, provides methods or estimating figures, and offers a method to outline the local government's programs and services.

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Financial Statements & Audit Reports

At the end of each City fiscal year (June 30th), an external audit is performed for the City of Veneta and for the Veneta Urban Renewal Agency. After the audit is completed a report is produced for each entity entitled "Annual Finance Report". The Annual Financial Report contains Financial Statements, Financial Notes, Supplemental Information, an Independent Auditor's Report, and Management's Discussion and Analysis.

Reports for previous years can be obtained by contacting the Finance Department at 541-935-2191, ext. 305