Code Compliance

The City's code enforcement program was established to ensure compliance with the City's laws governing health and safety issues such as garbage accumulation, abandoned vehicles, substandard housing, and graffiti. The Code Compliance program also includes enforcement of conditions of approval for all Planning land use decisions, follow-up on Building Code violations, weed abatement, nuisances, vision clearance, sign permits, and other sections of the Veneta Municipal Code. To inquire about the enforcement of the Veneta Municipal Code, call City Hall at 541-935-2191.

The Code Enforcement Officer works with the Building and Planning Officials to resolve or abate hundreds of cases each year and is focused on educating of the community regarding these issues. Code Enforcement is staffed by a full-time City employee who splits their time between multiple departments.

To file a complaint with the City of Veneta, please complete the Complaint form and return it to City Hall.

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