Vacant Property Registration

Per City of Veneta Municipal Code Chapter 15.12 and Resolution Nos. 1260 and 1261, owners of vacant properties within the city limits are required to register with the City of Veneta. Registration forms are due by January 31st each year or after 90 days of the vacancy.

Property shall remain under the registration requirement as long as the property remains abandoned, vacant, or distressed. The ultimate goal of this ordinance is not to penalize vacant property owners but to urge them to keep their properties maintained and productive.

Within 48 business hours of submission of a Vacant Property Registration form, the Code Enforcement Officer will complete a cursory exterior evaluation of the property (if not already completed) to determine whether or not the property is compliant with the maintenance and security requirements. Upon completion of the inspection, the property owner will be notified if a Vacant Property Plan is required.

Property Type1rst Year Registration FeeSubsequent YearsMaximum Annual Registration Fee
Compliant Commercial Property
Non-Compliant Commercial Property
$250Increases $50$750
Non-Compliant Foreclosed or Abandoned Residential Property
$250Increases $50$750

Vacant and abandoned properties can have long-term detrimental impacts on a community's well-being. In addition to immediate safety threats, they can convey a message of social abandonment and disorder, which in turn, can lead to a decline in community standards and a loss of residential pride. Widespread vacancies in a neighborhood can also depress property values, provoke disinvestment, and ultimately diminish community wealth.

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