Communications Survey


The City of Veneta released a Communications Survey in 2019 that influenced the City’s adoption of the Communications Strategic Plan on November 8, 2021. This plan included a vision statement to communicate timely City information, increase awareness and communication regarding City projects, services, and agendas, and to take a proactive approach to local understanding of City life and activities.

Survey Summary

General trends after comparing the 2021 communications survey report to the 2022 communications survey report include:

  • More people are now interested in receiving information through sources outside of the City Newsletter, like on Facebook and the City website. In 2021 only 26.67% of respondents wanted to receive information through Facebook, now 53.89% of respondents. 9.33% of respondents wanted to receive information through the City website, now 41.11%.
  • Satisfaction rates through Facebook and Website channels have increased since the 2021 Communication Survey. Satisfaction for the City Facebook page has increased 319.78% (from 9.3% feeling satisfied in 2021 to 39.04% feeling satisfied in 2022). There is also a 146.6% increase of satisfaction for the City of Veneta Website (from 20% feeling satisfied in 2021 to 49.32% in 2022). Satisfaction for the City Newsletter has decreased by 19.96%.
  • There is an observed increase in the distribution of people that want to provide public input. Last year, only 11.51% of respondents indicated that they want to be very involved compared to the 30.51% of respondents that are interested in being very involved in 2022.

Notable Results

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