Plastics Recycling

Label Removal 

  • Do not cut the container to get rid of the label this can cause injury to handlers!
  • Containers with Vinyl labels can be placed in the freezer for 15 minutes and the label & glue should pull right off!
  • Containers with Paper labels - coat the label with cooking oil, let sit overnight, the label should wipe right off!
  • If the label is printed onto the plastic - it is acceptable and does not need to be removed!

Cleaning & Drying

  • Remove labels and any secondary packaging (like plastic film, foil, etc.)
  • Remove and toss non-recyclable lids or detergent spouts
  • Hand wash or place in dishwasher (treat them like any other container you re-use)
  • Let air dry 
  • Do not stack containers until they are completely dry
  • Do not crush the containers - it makes it difficult to verify the type of plastic!