Redevelopment Toolkit

The City offers grants and incentives for new and existing businesses located in certain areas within the Urban Renewal District. Small Project Grants are targeted for areas near downtown and Large Project Grants can fund projects located anywhere in the Urban Renewal District boundary (PDF).

Review the funding options and supporting documents on this page and reach out to Management Analyst Jacob Thode with any questions or to discuss a project idea. More information about Urban Renewal can be found on the Urban Renewal page.

Redevelopment Toolkit Funding Options

Small Project Grants

ProgramTypes of UseMatch Requirement Maximum Grant

Primarily for redevelopment projects, including assistance with preliminary design, structural review, exterior color, and awning selection.

None6 hours of free design assistance


Improvements to existing external storefronts (windows, painting, awnings, etc.) and assistance with design standards.

SignageNew or replacement permanent signage.50%$1,000
Examples: benches, planters, artwork.50%$5,000

Large Project Grants

ProgramTypes of UsesMatch RequirementMaximum Grant
Forgivable DebtFor existing businesses that owe debt to the City.None$5,000
Loan Rate Buy DownWill reduce a current loan business creation or development.50 to 66% depending on the grant amount$25,000
Environmental AssessmentFunds for Phase I or II environmental Assessment.50%$15,000
SDC Fee ReductionReduced System Development Charges to assist new development and upgrades for existing structures.None$25,000
RedevelopmentAlternative to fill funding gaps missed by other grants.50 to 66% depending on the grant amount$35,000