Backflow & Cross Connection

Grass with water dropletsBackflow Prevention Assemblies are designed to stop the reverse flow of water that can introduce contaminates to the public water supply during a backflow event and are required by law at all locations where a recognized potential for contamination exists. Irrigation systems are a recognized potential contaminate.

The Oregon State Department of Human Resources and the City of Veneta Municipal Code 13.20 require that Backflow Prevention Assemblies are tested annually by an Oregon certified backflow assembly tester to ensure that they are operating properly.

If the initial test indicates that the assembly is not operating properly, the homeowner or business owner would be required to make the necessary repairs and have the assembly re-tested. The tester you choose is responsible for submitting your test results to the City of Veneta with 5 days of performing the test. The City of Veneta is not responsible for the expense of testing your backflow prevention assembly(s).

For your convenience, a list of certified backflow testers is available on our website. Your cooperation in helping Veneta’s water to remain uncontaminated is appreciated. If you have any questions, please call 541-935-2191.